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Welcome to Legal Access Services.

We provide a range of legal services across both Australia and New Zealand, including legal advice, tax advice (in Australia), free online legal wills, and legal document templates and creators.

We have over 20 years' experience in the provision of online legal services and are backed by a panel of experienced legal practitioners, many of whom we have worked with since our start-up days!

Our "My Lawyer" suite of online legal services continues to lead the way in providing value to both our clients and our legal panel, as well as providing many individuals and businesses with reliable and affordable access to the law.


Please note, we ONLY provide free legal services
in PARTNERSHIP with our clients.

Sorry, but we do NOT provide free legal advice via this website.

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Our clients add value to their own customer relationships by sponsoring our value-added legal services, resulting in increased customer retention and enhanced corporate citizenship...

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Joining our legal panel provides legal practitioners with access to new clients, opportunities for innovative new marketing initiatives, and an enhanced online capability and profile...