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Join our panel of legal service providers

Join scores of legal professionals across Australia and New Zealand and become a member of our legal panel. Our panel members provide written advice via our NetAdvice Administration system to users of our “My Lawyer” legal advice service.

My Lawyer facilitates a “social economy” for the legal sector whereby business owners and individuals (depending on the customer type of our client) can access legal or tax advice or create a will for themselves. Other end users are able to create simple business documents via our templating system or access information and resources on enduring guardianship, power of attorney and other legal instruments.

Connecting legal consumers and providers

Our true value is in connecting end users, faced with legal issues or concerns, with trusted legal professionals while streamlining that interaction. In essence, My Lawyer provides an introduction service for legal consumers and professionals. Legal professionals benefit by way of access to potential new clients and possible receipt of wills for storage, and are also ideally positioned to be engaged, based on the relationship facilitated by LAS, by clients with more complex matters.

Your initial consultation

Many law firms are happy to provide an initial consultation free of charge. Being part of our panel means you can provide that free initial advice in a way that is efficient and cost effective, via our Net://Advice Administration System. In a fraction of the time that it would take to provide one free initial consultation you can respond to several simple enquiries and follow up on enquiries that may lead to interesting and valuable work.

“Writing to say I made an enquiry on your legal advice service. About a day later I received advice that was excellent and will help us solve our problem. Mark the lawyer’s extra comments were great too. Thank you for this service!”

Legal advice recipient, 2016