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My Lawyer is a service of Legal Access Services and is based on over 20+ years of online legal services experience. Our services are widely utilised in both Australia and New Zealand, and we have a demonstrated track record in facilitating legal services via such innovative online systems.

My Lawyer itself is a suite of online services, backed by our professional services team, sponsored by organisations who wish to add value to their client relationship or ‘give something back’ by way of facilitating legal access for their customers, either business owners or individuals.


Busy business people, operating with scarce resources, often experience difficulty and stress when accessing the law for advice or assistance. They usually do not know who best to ask for advice, how to go about this easily and they are often afraid of the perceived cost of ascertaining the information they need. As a consequence, they often procrastinate and postpone action rather than nipping the issue in the bud, regardless of the implications for their business.

Similarly, individuals are often time poor and can feel less empowered when it comes to seeking legal advice or protecting their interests via a will. As such, many individuals value the advice provided by our service, which can lead them into a relationship with one of our trusted panel members that is ongoing or involves a significant matter in the first instance.


My Lawyer facilitates a “social economy” for the legal sector whereby business owners and individuals (depending on the customer type of our client) can access legal or tax advice or create a will for themselves. Other end users are able to create simple business documents via our templating system or access information and resources on enduring guardianship, power of attorney and other legal instruments.

Our true value is in connecting end users, faced with legal issues or concerns, with trusted legal professionals while streamlining that interaction. In essence, My Lawyer provides an introduction service for legal consumers and professionals. Legal professionals benefit by way of access to potential new clients and possible receipt of wills for storage, and are also ideally positioned to be engaged, based on the relationship facilitated by LAS, by clients with more complex matters.


My Lawyer provides users with access to proven and reliable legal advice from a highly qualified, screened, panel of legal practitioners, backed by LAS staff and processes honed over 20+ years of providing such legal advice online. Users can make an advice enquiry quickly and easily and then receive their response typically within 3 business days by way of a secure URL of which they are informed via email. Enquiries are routed to our legal panel members by our professional services team, based on location and enquiry type. Panel members are alerted to new enquiries via email, can login and easily provide their legal advice, together with PDF attachments and their own customised disclaimer, in writing via My Lawyer.


In some instances, My Lawyer includes a proven and reliable tax advice, managed by LAS to the same high standards as legal advice and demonstrated over years of service provision. Such enquiries may be to do with am imminent tax audit, superannuation and tax deductions, tax returns or GST, company structures, and trusts. Tax advice enquiries are handled by taxation professionals and are managed in the same way and to the same customer service standards as legal advice.


My Lawyer also enables our clients’ customers to create a will in a few minutes or be informed of one’s specific legal requirements in preparing a will based on one’s specific circumstances. Our service also provides for customised will enquiries to our panel members, and a secure will storage option with a member of the LAS legal panel of law firms. Our panel members are then well placed to manage any probate matters that arise from that will.

While business customers will often need a more complex will developed in consultation with a lawyer; the My Lawyer system summarises any complexities inherent in the user’s circumstances and offers the ability to both make a customised legal will enquiry to one of our panel and/or download an information gathering checklist for their use prior to discussion with a lawyer.


My Lawyer enables small and medium business users to access static templates or create simple business documents via our template-population wizards, thereby providing them with access to important business documents while saving them both time and money.

“My Lawyer is an outstanding customer retention tool that is both cost-effective and highly valued by our customers.”

Customer Experience Manager, major Australian financial services company, 2017