Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your property for sale

The presentation of your home during a sales process is extremely important. It can add thousands to the eventual sale price of your property!

When you are definite about selling your home, it is important to distance yourself emotionally from it. After all, you want your potential buyer to imagine your property as their new home.

Ensure your property is presented well now - prior to your photography session if at all possible. Once you’ve got the presentation right, keep it spotless during open homes! All of this makes a huge difference!

We’ve provided some short and concise tips below that can help you achieve the best price possible.

Tick off items that you’ve completed, or that don’t apply to you.

(….this can be hard work - but it’s worth it!!)


Take a tour of your home and evaluate its condition from the perspective of a potential buyer. Be objective - perhaps ask your family and friends what they would do to make your home more appealing.

Concentrate on areas that need attention that will make your home look better – like painting, replacing worn tiles or lino, or replacing worn carpet.

Curb appeal. This is hugely important. Drive up the street and view your home through the buyer’s eyes. Keep your lawn mowed, and keep your front yard tidy and maintained. If needs be, call a landscape professional to ensure presentation of the front of your property is perfect!

The front door is very important. If it has scuff marks- repair it. If it requires any kind of maintenance, do it – as it is a potential buyer’s first impression of your house.

Check the walls of your property - do they need painting or re-rendering (large cracks in the walls will really scare buyers off). Do weatherboards need replacing?

If repainting is required in your home, consider getting a colour consultant. They are generally inexpensive, and add value. Go for neutral colours and tones.

Cut back any exterior plants which are blocking sunlight into your property.

Make sure the lighting in your house is good and that all light bulbs are working. Open all windows.

If there is too much furniture and clutter in a house then it will make it difficult for the buyer to evaluate (and make rooms seem smaller). Take all your furniture out of a room and only put back in what is necessary and looks good (if you need to, put extra furniture and belongings into storage before selling your home).

If you’re already planning on buying new furniture when you move, it may be worthwhile considering buying it now and refurnishing your house.

It’s also important to see what the competition is doing! Go to local open houses to see how people are presenting their homes. Read through different home décor magazines and get a sense of what’s in style. Try to adapt your house to current styles, but remember, neutral colours and tones are best.

Try vases with flowers, set up your dinning table with your best dinner setting and candles.

For bathrooms, try clean towels, new soap, vases, flowers, etc. Close the toilet seat.

Ensure everything is clean and spotless – pick up clutter and pack it away.

Make an effort to remove anything that may make a buyer uncomfortable such as political or religious items.

Remember that the kitchen is a very important room in your home. If an appliance is looking old and outdated, consider replacing it.

Tidy up your deck and BBQ area. Position outdoor furniture and hide your bins.

If you have a pool, make sure it’s spotless.

Clean your windows.

Clean and polish the kitchen bench, metal appliances, bathroom mirrors and tiles, and shower windows.

Remove all notes and magnets from the fridge, and all children’s drawings, and personal photos from the fridge and walls.

Make the beds with your best bed covers.

Keep the yard and house lights on during the early evening so that buyers can see your home – as this is when a lot of working peoplehave time to drive past your property.

And if you’re going to do repairs to improve the aesthetics of your home prior to selling, make sure to get at least three quotes from each particular trade – you’ll be surprised at the difference!

In general, use your common sense. The way you live in your home may be personal – but you want others to be able to view it as their new home.

By following the tips above and being objective – you can add real value to your final selling price.

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