Crown Road Enclosure Permits: NSW

As a result of negotiations between NSW Farmers and the NSW Government, a better deal has been achieved for Farmers in relation to the options available to purchase or continue renting lands contained within enclosure permits.

If a farmer wished to purchase a crown road the following will apply:

  • Farmers are able to amalgamate enclosure permits so that only one application for conversion needs to be made.
  • The cost of the application has been reduced to just under $2,000.00 instead of the usual fee, which could have been in excess of $5,000.00.
  • In addition to the fees, farmers will have to pay the value of the land. This value will now be no more than the valuation used to determine local council rates and the value of any improvements on the land will not be taken into account and the value may be reduced where the land is affected by easements, covenants or poor terrain. The department has indicated that it is expected that photographic evidence of affectations on the land will be sufficient rather than it being necessary to go to the expense of arranging an independent valuation.
  • The purchase price can be paid by three equal annual instalments.

If a farmer wishes to continue to pay enclosure permit fees:

  • The NSW Government has agreed to accept a maximum of $350.00 for a three-year permit. It is intended that these arrangements will be reviewed at the end of the three years.
  • The department recommends that if you wish to take this option and you have already received an account, pay this account and the department will then send you an account for the balance of the $350.00 fee.

Farmers can elect to cancel their permit and fence the Crown road out of their property. The problem with this option is that fencing could be expensive and unused roads could be a harbour for pests and weeds.

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